Employee Motivation is a Key Indicator of Long-Term Organizational Success
Innovative, market-leading companies provide opportunities for their employees to be intellectually challenged and part of transformational breakthroughs in science, technology, and product performance, just to name a few. This is especially true in the manufacturing community of household and commercial product companies, where innovation and differentiation is critical to creating a competitive advantage and sustaining long-term success.

According to HCPA, household and consumer product manufacturers make and sell $180 billion annually of the products that clean, protect, maintain and disinfect our homes and workplaces.

This community is made up of a massive workforce driving the next generation of products and services. Each company's relative ability to succeed will depend on its ability to create an organizational culture where employees thriving, effective, challenged, and committed.
How do we measure this?

From January - April 2019, our team studied over 100 posted open job descriptions at HCPA member companies to build a profile of ideal candidates.

This profile was then mapped to the motivations driving these ideal candidates to excel professionally.
High Performing Teams
We then explored the organizational conditions that would drive these types of employees to leave. Our results were presented to the HCPA membership at IMPACT2019, HCPA's Mid-Year Meeting in Washington, DC.