Leadership Development Coaching using Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence (EQ) is about how we cope with pressures and demands in our lives, like stress, dealing with change, and solving problems. 

Leaders with high EQ are better able to work in and coach teams, adjust to change, be flexible, and tend not to take things personally.

Leaders with high EQ are great to work with and foster collaborative, effective teams. 

This is a 6-month program designed to help individual managers improve their effectiveness and achieve peak performance using the science of emotional intelligence. 
Building High-Performance Teams with Strengths Coaching
Getting the best out of your teams allows you to make the most of your business. 

High-performance teams require a culture that focuses on continual growth and improvement among everyone in the organization. 

Strengths coaching using the CliftonStrengths model is a proven method for transforming the effectiveness of teams.
This is a 12-month program designed to help teams empower their members and maximize their overall performance.
Advancing Effectiveness with Customized Leadership Development
What keeps your organizational leaders up at night? 

Most leaders will tell me that it is a lack of talent—especially the capabilities to lead the organization into the future. 

Organizations need more than a list of competencies to succeed. 

What will it take to carry out YOUR organization's strategy? 

What does the company need from up-and-coming leaders to ensure your competitive advantage is maintained?

This is a 2-year program designed to transform an organization's culture and long-term leadership capabilities from the inside out. 
Organizational Culture and Health Opportunity Mapping
Your employees are your greatest asset. Are they thriving, engaged, challenged, and committed? Or are they going through the motions with one foot out the door?

 During this 6-month discovery process, we will
1) conduct a 360-review of the organizational culture's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, 

2) create a custom motivation mapping for personnel and high priority hires to identify risks hindering long-term retention of peak performers,

 3) develop a 1-, 3-, and 5-year roadmap to create a thriving organizational culture.
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